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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another perspective on last night's shellacking

So, don't shoot me, but... I had fun last night. It was, in my opinion, a Fun Game to watch.

Sure, Dubie sieved it up, but given his last couple of games, were you surprised? KC did the right thing giving him a chance but man, you just can't do that.

But the boys did play hard, kept the puck away from Brusty most of the night, and made Climie work. I can't argue with KC's assessment in that regard.

And they got angry. And they let it out at a point where it just didn't matter any more. I'm okay with that. Once the score was insurmountable, it kinda made me feel better to watch them rack up some PIM, too. Get 'em, boys. I dig it. And not just because I got to hear my name announced over and over (10 minute Ms.Conduct, game Ms.Conduct).


I have Google Alerts set to send me any mention in the news or blogs about the "Houston Aeros" (it will now send me this post) and I occasionally get one from the odd casual fan who has written about going to an Aeros game in their blog. It's their one or two games a season they go to. No investment in the team particularly, other than having a few beers, watching guys crash and bang, and if they win, so much the better but it doesn't really matter.

I relish those little nuggets, because they remind me that after all the fretting over goalie stats and playoff runs and personnel and scratches and what is or isn't being done about all of it: Hockey is just fun.

Hockey is fun. That's why we're all here. And I hope that somehow the boys can find a way to keep making it fun for them and for us once we're into garbage time. Take some chances, put Kassian on the top line, take the occasional between-the-feet-backhand-spin-o-rama shot and if it doesn't work, well, so what? What have they got to lose?


artandhockey said...

Once one gets over the "My Guyz vs Your Guyz" Hockey IS fun.
The entertainment value increases, IMO, when the play decreases..as I
've said often enough.
Hockey is dramatic, fast paced, at times hilarious (yes-vide Sifers empty netter against a 'roaming' Climie-is 'roaming' catching, BTW?), sad to point of being funny again! And the list goes on!
Gotta LOVE hockey - WIN OR LOSE! Minors even better (entertainment value! because less can be better soemtimes) than majors!
Love hockey!
USA vs CANADA...exciting Hockey! AND lets be good sportspeople, LOL, what ever the outcome will be...soon!

Forecheck said...

"Once" we get into garbage time?

Ms. Conduct said...

"I'm not dead yet!" *thump*

Forecheck said...

John needs to dig up that video!

AiH said...

Refreshing perspective - thanks Ms C!