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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gillies Called Up

Colton Gillies got the first call-up of the season today thanks to a bug that's going around the Wild locker room. Of course, hockey players being hockey players, guys may gut it out and he may not see action, but they have no spare forwards, so they had to get some insurance up there.

But since the Aeros don't play again until Friday, assuming the Wild manage to contain the outbreak (helps that they're not on the road), he may be back before the Aeros play again.

Here's the article from the Wild site.


artandhockey said...

Hope he does not catch what's going around up there and bring it back home!
That would not be a desireable addition to the current team.

Good Luck to the young'un!

Forecheck said...

Good for Colton, but why would the Wild want any of our forwards?

I don't think we want our forwards, do we?

Thepickestirmenfan said...

Irmen to make his debut tonight!...in HC Interspar Bozen (or Bolzano if you prefer Italian) vs Ritten Sport Renault Trucks.
Ex-Wolf Pack Matt Zaba in goal for Bozen/Bolzano. Renault Trucks have one time Texas Wildcatter Kevin Baker to motor things.

Ms. Conduct said...

Further Italian hockey news, Kevin Constantine is coaching there now instead of France. But not Bolzano.