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Saturday, June 4, 2011

View From The Pressbox: Senators Take 3-2 Series Lead

That was a painful game to watch tonight. Not because the effort wasn't there tonight, but painful because the Aeros got the 4-2 loss while losing another player, Jared Spurgeon, to injury, painful because of some boneheaded penalties, and painful because of the officiating.

Jean-Michel Daoust was the star of the game tonight, scoring both Aeros goals, and doing so in the fashion he did last season, by being pest in front of the goalie. Daoust's linemate, Pascal Morency, playing for the first time since March, also excelled, forcing action. In fact, if the whole team had played like the fourth line, the Aeros might have pulled this game out.

The first line didn't have the best of games -- though much better than last night -- but they were also messed up a bit with Casey Wellman being put back in that mix thanks to last night's injury to Cody Almond. Chad Rau was dropped by to the second line, and their chemistry seemed a bit off. The third line did what the third line usually does, but most of the really stupid penalties came from that line.

Speaking of penalties, Mike Yeo is usually kind of vanilla when it comes to commenting on officiating, but he wasn't happy tonight, and he said so.

[I'll have those later quotes later tonight.]

In the end, the Aeros probably have no one but themselves to blame for the defeat. The third goal, the game-winning goal, came with nine seconds left in the second period and was on a power play that had been necessitated by a Colton Gillies penalty. Matt Hackett did everything he could stop to puck, but sometimes, there's just nothing that could be done. If the hotel internet connection were better, I'd post the photo showing Hackett's efforts. And the other goals came off of that Aeros speciality known as turnovers.

All in all, a much better game for the Aeros, but still a loss, a loss which finds the Aeros returning home down 3-2 in the series. Frankly, I'm glad I'm not with Heather on the flight home because I think that's going to be one painful charter -- according to Joe O'Donnell, they're supposed to arrive at Hobby around 2:30 in the morning should any of you want to drive out and greet them.

And I'll be back later with the notes, quotes, and observations.


Anonymous said...

Is Kassian injured?

John Royal said...

No, Kassian is not injured. Daoust brings more of a scoring touch to his game, and I'm guessing that's why he played Morency tonight.

Forecheck said...

It's starting to look bad - The Sens have all the momentum, the lead, the better team, and we got two important guys out.

Still, nothing to lose so I'm hoping for a balls to the walls effort from the guys and fans Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Something really does need to be done about the officials. If any of us performed as poorly as they do on a regular basis, we wouldn't have jobs. Who is their boss? Just the other day the BSens fans were complaining about Koharski (sp?). Then last night they were pretty happy with him...which I guess means the bad calls were all on us.

artandhockey said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a new hockey fan, I just started watching hockey in Jan 2010, and I want to know your thoughts on why are we so bad on the power play. They mostly stand around in a sort of diamond formation (the goal being the point) and pass the puck around, which rarely works. Other teams move around more. Why haven't the Aeros adopted this sort of strategy? It seems like when we score it's usually on a turnover/busted play or a rebound. But when we have a legit advantage (extra man) we can't score. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Is Morency's name on the clear day roster? I didn't think he was eligible to play.
Also, I think the team is struggling in the home stretch because Yeo has overplayed his first two lines all playoffs. There's just no gas left in their tanks.

Anonymous said...

Is Morency's name on the clear day roster? I didn't think he was eligible to play.
I think the team is struggling in the home stretch because Yeo overplayed his first two lines all playoffs. (And all season) There's just no gas left in the tanks of his go-to guys.

Anonymous said...

It's going to come down to special teams. The Aeros need to stay out of the box if they are going to have a chance to win the next 2 games!! Go Aeros!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous...I agree about the special teams. They really need to step on the PP and PK and stop with the turnovers. I hope the two players who come in for Almond and Spurgeon, and the whole team, are up for the challenge.

Anonymous said...

hey we were in section 17, and sometime during the second, the areos tipped a puck in front, i think the refs signaled no, but we could have sworn it was in. it looked like it went over the right shoulder of lehner, did you see it/and or get any pics?

John Royal said...

I know what sequence you're talking about, and while I have photos, the angle is really bad. I was shooting from up in the press box, so it's really hard to tell anything, especially down on that end and I can't see anything in the photos.

The officials are facing me and I can't see their uniform numbers, so I don't know if it was Vinnerborg or Hebert, but they did look to be in a semi-decent position to make the call.