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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charitable opportunities

(Update with a little Aeros news first: Joe O just tweeted that the Aeros have added right wing Harrison Reed to the roster. Not sure how long the call up is for but given the thin troops, I'd guess he's along at least for the next three games.

This season, he played 4 games with the Monsters and had stints with them each of the last 3 seaons and 11 with Toledo (ECHL) with 10 points in those 11 games.)

The holidays are always full of worthwhile charity pleas, but when they're hockey related, they get my attention. Here are a couple that I thought were worth sharing with you guys. Feel free to skip this post if this sort of thing annoys you (it's okay, I'm easily annoyed, too).

The first is a charity a friend of mine in Kansas City started after losing his wife, Becky, to pancreatic cancer. Of all the cancers, pancreatic is one of the nastiest. Hard to catch early and, as a result, has extremely poor survival rates.

But Bob Klem is using his hockey prowess (he's a goalie, naturally) to raise funds for research by holding a couple of "Have a Skate with Bob" events each year (and fundraising literally year round).

The first event this year is actually being supported by the Rockford Ice Hogs. They're doing "The Skate" as it's called, before Saturday's Ice Hogs game, and then sticking around for the Hogs game after.

The event includes an auction with great prizes and just generally a big ol' celebration of how we can use something as fun and awesome as hockey to help find a cure for cancer. I'm not sure it gets any better than that. Hockey is fun, but hockey for a cause is fun AND gratifying (especially when you suck like I do).

Bob is tireless in his efforts to spread the word and champion the cause, and if you want to support him and The Skate, you can make a donation HERE. And if you're a reader in the Chicago area and want to attend, Bob's contact information is on that page as well. (It's also teddy bear toss night at the Hogs game. Always fun.)

You can also follow the Skate on Facebook by going here. It's pretty great of the Ice Hogs to support him like this and his next goal is to do the same event but with an NHL team. Wouldn't it be nice of the Wild to help out? *wink nudge hint hint*


Second, closer to home is a cool deal the Aeros are doing with rescue group Greyhound Pets of America. This combines two of my favorite things: Dogs and Hockey, so I'm all over it.

Bonus is that it means good prices on tickets for those of you who aren't STHs. Here's a PDF with all the details.

So if you're looking to make a difference for an animal-loving organization AND get a deal on some Aeros seats, it's worth looking into.

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Forecheck said...

rom his stats, Harrison appears to be closer to a "warm body" at the AHL level. But better than an empty seat on the bench.

Also, next month is "Guns and Hoses" night, an opportunity to buy seats for the police and fire fighters.