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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jon DiSalvatore: The Heart of the Aeros

The Aeros media gurus asked us at T3I to assist them this year with providing material to the AHL.com "On The Beat" feature. And I was tasked with the first story. So...here's the link to the just posted story on Jon DiSalvatore, the captain of the Aeros. I hope you'll go over and give it a read.

And just a note, I got a lot of material from DiSalvatore that I didn't use in the story (and they didn't use my favorite photo) including his thoughts on the new scheduling, so I'll try to throw those up on your favorite website on Thursday as kind of a Thanksgiving stuffer.


Stephen M. said...

As a Texas Stars fan, I am completely unaware of this man "Jon DiSalvatore"....

ICEVET said...

@ Stephen M......

You must be a very recent STARS fan...just read your comment.

The Aeros took 9 of 12 regular season games against the STARS during the 2010-11 season.

DiSalvotore led the way in the Aeros dominance of the season series with 8 goals (on 31 shots), 7 assists and a +4 rating....collecting 15 points of his season total 61.

This was the 6th consecutive season of 20+ goals for the Aeros Captain, and he did not miss a single game!

With 18 points in 18 games, in the 2011-12 season, he is well on his way to his best season ever.

Go Aeros!

Stephen M. said...

I have, let's say, a little experience in the topic, given that I run <a href="http://100degreehockey.com>100 Degree Hockey</a>. Some hints that this was sarcasm may have been given in the fact that I introduced the fact that I am a Stars fan, put his name in quotes and ended with an ellipsis.

Anonymous said...

@Stephen M...since when do quotation marks and dot.dot.dot indicate sarcasm? Guess my English punctuation/grammar teacher missed that chapter.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, John. I'll look forward to seeing the additional segments later this week.

ICEVET said...

Excellent journalism, John.....one of your best ever player-profile articles.

Go Aeros!

Forecheck said...

Great story, John.

I'd suggest Orts next.

CenterIce said...

Great article, John.

@Stephen M Your comment made me laugh. The sarcasm was obvious to me as I'm quite certain that players on opposing teams are familiar with the name DiSalvatore. ;)

Speaking of the Stars, I would love to see a profile on Warren Peters. How frustrating must it be to suffer losing in the Calder Cup finals as a Star, and then turn around and do the same thing as an Aero the next season?
Yet, despite that, he seems to be one of the most vocal on-ice leaders.

B2Bomber said...

@Stephen M.

I think most of us got it.....anyway the ones that read your blog once in a while.

ICEVET said...

A Hearty and Happy Thanksgiving to the Jon DiSalvatore Family and the Aeros Team and Coaches.

For those (eyes wide shut) entrapped in the great "sarcasm debate", my earlier comments were simply intended to "statistically" supplement (in context) the very significant contribution of the Vintage AHL player which John Royal chose to feature.

Serious hockey fans look forward to continuing journalistic excellence in from John Royal, Andrew Ferraro and Ms. Conduct @ T3I and other media sites.

Go Aeros!