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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Game Day - Aeros vs. Grand Rapids Griffins

Two weeks ago, the Aeros would have been heavily favored against the Grand Rapids Griffins. Four wins in four tries against their long time rivals is a perfect case in point as to which was the better team overall. They even scored 10 goals in two games against them at Van Andel Arena in the second and third games of the 11-game roadie. 

But, as we all know, things change a lot in two weeks. And when you're the affiliate of the 2011-12 Minnesota Wild, injuries happen so fast your head spins and you literally do not know who the goalie is. (True story ... that has happened to me a couple of times recently)

Now the Griffins have the better goalie (Ty Conkin has been a monster since getting sent down from Detroit) and are slightly favored tonight because this is the Aeros first home game in more than a month. Typically these games are more difficult to win because it truly is like another road game. 

Both teams are desperate for points; the Aeros simply have not played that many games in the last three weeks and the Griffins are still in 12th place and are six points behind the Aeros. They need to sweep just to get back in it. 

I think your local T3I pundits have written off the playoffs for the Aeros. Heather said it best the other day; just enjoy the hockey season that remains. Cheer for the guys that are still here and the effort they give to  make things interesting. Aeros fans are lucky to get a TON of home games in the last five weeks. Playoffs, though, are not an impossibility, but the wall just keeps getting higher and the circumstances crazier. 

If the Aeros sneak into a first round matchup against Toronto or OKC, Torchetti and captain DiSalvatore should garner some consideration for coach and player of the year. 

As of right now, the Aeros are back to 9th and are on the outside looking in. They have games in hand and a favorable schedule, but their goaltending situation is perilous. Fallon and Keetley have allowed 10 goals in 123 minutes of hockey, and their combined saves percentage is ... well, I am going to spare you of that information so you can claim ignorant bliss when you show up at the game tonight. 

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