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Friday, April 20, 2012

Aeros Lose Game Two, Face Elimination Sunday Night

Last night it was hard to tell just how much of the loss was on the Aeros not showing up to play the game, and how much of the loss was due to the Barons being the superior team. Tonight we know the answer.

The Aeros lost Game Two of this opening round Best of Five series to the Barons by the score of 4-1. Yes, the Aeros actually did find a way to score a goal on Yann Danis. And they actually appeared to make more of an effort, holding the Barons to only 37 shots tonight while totaling a stupendous 20 shots of their own. (Cody Almond scored at 3:48 of the third period.)

But though the Aeros effort factor was noticeably improved, it just didn't matter, so superior was the play of the Barons, proving tonight, perhaps even more than last night, why it is that they're the number one seed in the Western Conference.

Matt Hackett made a valiant effort to play tonight, stopping 19 of 21 shots. But he played injured, and whatever injury he suffered last night he aggravated horribly on the second goal, leaving the ice bent at his waste, not to return.

But even if Hackett wasn't injured, it would be difficult to see the Aeros finding a way to contend on Sunday and take this series to a fourth game. And frankly, if the Aeros were able to win Sunday and take it to game four on Tuesday, does anybody think they're healthy enough, or talented enough, to make it to game five on Wednesday?

It was an ugly day in Houston today. Massive storms that caused power outages throughout the city as the afternoon moved into evening. And the Aeros game tonight was just as ugly as the weather outside.


Forecheck said...

Well, the good news for Aeros fans is that, just like a trip to the dentist, the pain is almost over. These games were a hockey root canal for the fans.

The other good news is we will have a new team with new players - one hopefully not composed of 40% ECHL players - and though there will be some farewells the new team will hopefully not be a dysfunctional as this one got.

The only problem is, dadgum it, it's going to be 5 1/2 months before we see live hockey in Houston again!

Just remember to wake me up when training camp starts in September.

Joe said...

@Forecheck not sure what I want to see more. A new team or new coaches. You can coach players to greatness. Not so sure about coaching coaches.

There are a couple of those called-up ECHL players I might keep over the original players.

But, yeah 5 1/2 months is a long time away.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to know Hackett's condition. He's the only guy to show up ready to play, and you've ripped him pretty good for playing with emotion? You need to eat your words, bud.

John Royal said...

I'm not sure why you're angry with me. I praised Hackett's play here on Thursday and Friday and in the Press on Friday. I also said he was the only one to show up to play on Thursday, and I made it pretty clear that the team's chances rode on his shoulders. I didn't mention anything about outbursts or criticize his emotions.

Ms. Conduct said...

Teams like to keep injuries close to the vest during the playoffs, as you know. It's not groin, but it is lower body. No word on duration or severity.

Forecheck said...

It doesn't matter if Hackett plays or not. The only queston is will the Aeros score a goal or not. Once OKC scores their second, the game is over.

artandhockey said...

It is too much, the pain keeps growing and IMO no relief for it anymore! Let it go, people. This season IS over. Plan for the next and a better one!